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Name:Alec Mcdowell || X5-494
Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America


Name: Alec McDowell

Race: Transgenic

Ben // X5-493 (brother)
Max Guevara // X5-452

Fandom: Dark Angel
Alec was born with the designation X5-494 and lived in a separate unit from his twin clone X5-493. Raised by Manticore to be a ‘perfect’ soldier, Alec was put in Psy-Ops for six months after 493 (Ben) broke out in 2009. Since then he has lived in the facility until he meets Max. There he was assigned to be her mating partner. It’s at this time that she gives him the name Alec (short for ‘smart alec’).

He’s sent to kill “Eyes Only”, but it turns out that Max already transferred a virus that would end up killing Logan. When he returned to Manticore, he found it exploding and being completely wiped out. From there, Alec is forced to find a place in the world. One of the jobs he tries is cage fighting under the alias Monty Cora until he’s found out by Ames White and he's captured. Teaming back up with Max, he finds another means of making a living. Cat burglary. Due to the sector borders, he eventually ends up working in the Jam Pony Express much to Max's displeasure.


Personal Journal

This is a roleplaying journal only for personal use. (Primarily for a private rp. Canon will be current in other roleplaying scenarios.)
Disclaimer: I own nothing Dark Angel or anything relating to Jensen Ackles.
Mun and character is over 18.

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